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The Sisters want to contemplate the Crucified Jesus who, in obedience to the Father, accepted the Cross for our salvation and thus revealed the mystery of the love of the Holy Trinity. As Disciples of the Cross, they want to proclaim this love, to entrust themselves to Mary and, in unity with the Saviour, to lay down their lives in a loving sacrifice for those who are far away from God.

The sisters hold everything in common. In their name - the Community of the Sisters - they emphasize the radical life of the command of love, through which Christ's disciples are recognised. They wish to permeate their mutual relationships with this spirit, with a special emphasis on reconciliation, forgiving and accepting one another in their weakness. Every day of a Disciple of the Cross is marked by the mutual penetration of contemplation and apostolate. The community has a House of Prayer called the Contemplative Home, which is a place of spiritual renewal for the sisters and other people.



Wspólnota Sióstr Uczennic Krzyża

Dom Generalny, ul. Kościelna 4a, 71-834 Szczecin

Telefon: +48 91 421 68 69