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A brief history

The first candidates gathered together in prayer during the night of August 14th  1982, entrusting themselves to God, with the intention of sacrificing their lives for the Church, and in a special way for those who are far from God. Then on August 15th it was complemented by an act of devotion to Mary. On Holy Thursday in 1983, during praying the rosary,  the sisters became convicted that they were to be called the Disciples of the Cross and were formally constituted  as such  by  Archbishop of Szczecin-Kamien in 2015. There are currently 67 sisters, living in 12 houses spread across 6 dioceses in Poland and in one in Chromtau, Kazachstan.






Wspólnota Sióstr Uczennic Krzyża

Dom Generalny, ul. Kościelna 4a, 71-834 Szczecin

Telefon: +48 91 421 68 69